2023 PCA National Specialty

Agility Trials – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 19, 20, and 21 May

Obedience & Rally – Monday, 22 May

PCA Regional Specialty Shows – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 22, 23, and 24 May

PCA National Specialty Sweepstakes and Annual Meeting – Thursday, 25 May

PCA National Specialty Show – Friday and Saturday, 26 and 27 May


2023 Judges:

  • PCA Regional Specialty Show #1 (Monday):  Mr. David Fitzpatrick
  • PCA Regional Specialty Show #2 (Tuesday):  Dr. Albert P. Bianchi
  • PCA Regional Specialty Show #3 (Wednesday):  Mr. Michael Canalizo
  • PCA National Specialty Conformation:  Ms. Angela Pickett
  • PCA National Specialty Sweepstakes:  Ms. Marion Ford
  • PCA National Obedience & Rally Trials:  Ms. Lynn Currie
  • PCA National Specialty 4-6 Mos. Puppy:   Ms. Angela Pickett
  • PCA National Specialty Agility Trials:  Dr. Laura Diane Kuterbach

Information Links (In process of updating):

If you have any questions or are looking for more information, please contact our 2023 National Show Chair: Karen Byrd