Papillon Genetics Article List 

Papillon FAQ

About the Papillon

Dog or Butterfly? A Breed Profile

Is a Papillon Right For You?

The Papillon: What Is It?

Building a Papillon Bibliography

Papillons In Service

Phalene Evaluation


From Lap to Laundry: Papillon Service Dogs

Service Dog Online Resources

Finding a Breeder

What to Look For In a Breeder

Why Purchase From a Reputable Breeder?

How to Find a Responsible Papillon Breeder

What Is a Breeder?

Breeder Resources

49 Days

How to Survive an AKC Inspection

How to Be a Responsible Breeder

The Best Dog In the World, How to Make One

Breeding Better Papillons

Short Course on Breeding, Whelping & Raising Puppies

Breeding Management Records

Contracts – Saving Friendships In the Fancy

Finding the Right Home

Emergency C-Section

Review of Dr. Robert Van Hutchison, DVM Seminar

Long Distance Breeding

Assessment of Reproductive Problems in Male Dogs

Elective (Planned) C-Section


Papillon Registration Statistics

Stud Contracts

Seven Foundations of a Successful Dog Breeder

When to Proceed With a C-Section

Caring For Your Papillon

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Choosing a Vet

Estate Planning: How to Leave a Legacy For Your Pet

Papillon Grooming 101

Grooming the Papillon for Breed Competition

Tips for Grooming the Show Papillon

Nail Trimming

Trimming the Papillon For Breed Competition

Tube Feeding

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