Papillons in Fine Art:

The predecessors of the modern Papillon have been captured in fine art since at least the late 15th Century.  For centuries Papillons were popular with merchants that traded in the Mediterranean, then with Royalty, Nobility, the Aristocracy and their families.  It was fashionable for them to have their portraits painted with their small spaniel type dog as well as for it to be included in religious scene portrayals.  Please enjoy the following representations of our roots (please click on the image to see a larger version):


Titian (a.k.a. Tiziano Vecelli or Tiziano Vecellio)
(c. 1488/1490 – August 27, 1576)
Italian painter, the most important member of the 16th-century Venetian school.

“Venus of Urbino” 1534

“Portrait of Eleonora Gonzaga Della Rovere” 1538

“Portrait of Clarissa Strozzi” 1542

“Vendramin Family” 1547


Jacopo Carucci (a.k.a. Jacopo da Pontormo)
(May 24, 1494 – January 2, 1557)
Italian Mannerist painter and portraitist from the Florentine School.

“Portrait of a Lady in Red” 1532


François Clouet
(c. 1510 – December 22, 1572)
French Renaissance miniaturist and painter, particularly known for his detailed portraits of the French ruling family.

“Hercule Francois” c 1561


Domenico Riccio (a.k.a. Domenico Brusasorci)
Italian painter in a Mannerist style from Verona.

“Portrait of a Lady”  c 1567


Hans Eworth (a.k.a. Hans Ewouts)
(c. 1520–1574)
Flemish painter active in England in the mid-16th century.

“Marriage Portrait of Queen Mary I of England and King Philip II of Spain”


Caterina van Hemessen
(1528 – after 1565)
Flemish Renaissance painter.

“Portrait of a Lady” 1541


Paolo Caliari (a.k.a. Paolo Veronese)
Italian Renaissance painter, based in Venice, known for large-format history paintings of religion and mythology.

“Hermes, Herse, and Aglauros”

“Portrait of a Lady”

“Suzanna and the Elders”


Sofonisba Anguissola (a.k.a. Sophonisba Angussola)
(c. 1532 – November 16, 1625)
Italian Renaissance painter.

“Lady and her Dog”

“Portrait of Artist’s Sisters and Brother”


Santi di Tito
(March 6, 1536 – July 23, 1603)
Most influential and leading Italian painters of the proto-Baroque style.

“A Lady Wearing White and Gold Embroidered Dress”


Johan Baptista (a.k.a. Hans van Uther)
(Work started 1562 – died 1597)
Dutch Renaissance painter, active in Sweden.

“Crown Prince Sigismund Vasa”


Lavinia Fontana
(August 24, 1552 – August 11, 1614)
Italian painter.  She is regarded as the first woman artist, working within the same sphere as her male counterparts, outside of a court or convent.

“La Famiglia Gozzadini” 1584

“Lady with a Lapdog” 1595

“Portrait of a Lady in a Pink Gown”

“Portrait of Constanza Alidosi” 1594

“Portrait of Five Women with a Dog and a Parrot”


Girolamo Forabosco (a.k.a. Gerolamo Forabosco)
(1605 – January 23, 1679)
Italian painter of the Baroque period.

“Lady with a Dog”


Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
(July 15, 1606– 4 October 1669)
Dutch draughtsman, painter, and printmaker.

“Portrait of a Lady with a Lap Dog”


Pierre Mignard (a.k.a. Pierre Mignard I)
(November 17, 1612 – May 30, 1695)
French painter known for his religious and mythological scenes and portraits.

“Louise-Marie de Bourbon, Duchess-d’Orleans”

“Mademoiselle De Blois”

“Princess Henrietta-Anne of England, Duchess of Orleans”

“The Children of the Duchess de Bouillon”

From the School of Pierre Mignard.
“Henriette of England, Duchess of Orleans”


Gerard ter Borch (a.k.a. Gerard Terburg)
(December 1617 – December 8, 1681)
Influential and pioneering Dutch genre painter who lived during the Dutch Golden Age.

“The Visit”

“Woman Reading Letter”


Nicasius Bernaerts (a.k.a. Monsù Nicasio)
(1620 – 1678)
Flemish painter of animals, hunting pieces and flowers who had an international career in Italy and Paris.

“Two Small Dogs”


Abraham van den Tempel
(c.1622 – October 8, 1672)
Dutch Golden Age painter.

“Lady With a Lapdog”

“Two Small Dogs In the Park”


David Klöcker Ehrenstråhle
(September 23, 1628 – October 23, 1698)
Swedish nobleman and portrait painter.

“Margareta Juliana Wrangel”

“Queen Hedvig Eleonora”

“Portrait of a Child”

“Count Carl Gustav”

“Ulrika Eleonora”


Pieter de Hooch
(December 20, 1629 (Baptized) – 24 March 1684 (buried))
Dutch Golden Age painter famous for his genre works of quiet domestic scenes with an open doorway.

“Woman Drinking with Soldiers”


Johannes Vermeer
(October 1632 – December 1675)
Dutch painter who specialized in domestic interior scenes of middle-class life.

“Young Woman Teasing her Lap Dog”


Jan de Baen
(20 February 1633 – 1702)
Dutch portrait painter who lived during the Dutch Golden Age.

“Portrait of a Woman”

“Princess Henrietta of England, Duchess of Orleans”


Jacob Ochtervelt
(1634 – 1682)
Dutch Golden Age painter.

“A Family Portrait”

“Family Portrait”

“Rehearsing Song”

“The Visit”


Nicolaes Maes (a.k.a. Nicolaes Maas)
(January 1634 – November 24, 1693 (buried))
Dutch Golden Age painter of genre and portraits.

“Portrait of a Lady”


Frans van Mieris, the Elder
(April 16, 1635 – March 12, 1681)
Dutch Golden Age genre and portrait painter.

“The Death of Lucrece”

“Musical Company”

“Gentleman and a Lady”


Caspar Netscher
(1639 – January 15, 1684)
Dutch portrait and genre painter.

“The Reading Lesson”


Pieter Cornelisz van Slingelandt
(October 20, 1640 – November 7, 1691)
Dutch Golden Age portrait painter.

“Johan van Musschenbroek and his Wife”


Johannes Verkolje (a.k.a. Jan Verkolje)
(Baptized on February 27, 1650 – May 8, 1693)
Dutch Golden Age painter and engraver.

“Musical Company”

“Portrait of a Lady Holding her Pet”


Nicolas de Largillière
(October 10, 1656 – March 20, 1746)

“Francois Pommyer and Yves Joseph Charles Pommyer”

“Louis XIV and his Heirs”


Jakob Bogdani (a.k.a. Jacob Bogdány)
(May 6, 1658 – November 11, 1724)
Hungarian and British artist well known for his still life and exotic bird paintings.

“Still Life”


Adriaen van der Werff
(January 21, 1659 – November 12, 1722)
Dutch painter of portraits and erotic, devotional and mythological scenes.

“A Couple Making Music”


Thomas van der Wilt
18th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands.

“Portrait of a Lady with her Lap Dog” 1691


Giuseppe Maria Crespi
(March 14, 1665 – July 16, 1747)
Italian late Baroque painter of the Bolognese School.

“The Flea Hunt”


Constantijn Netscher
(December 16, 1668 – March 27, 1723)
18th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands.

“Lady with a Lapdog”


Antoine Pesne
(29 May 29, 1683 – August 5, 1757)
French-born court painter of Prussia.

“Prince Friedrich Wilhelm von Prussia”

“Queen Sophie Dorothea of Prussia”


Jean-Antoine Watteau (a.k.a. Antoine Watteau)
(baptized October 10, 1684 – died July 18, 1721)
French painter whose brief career spurred the revival of interest in color and movement.

“The Pleasures of Life”

“The Storyteller”

“The Toilette”


Frans van Mieris, the Younger
Dutch Golden Age genre and portrait painter.

“Woman Before the Mirror”


Martin van Meytens
(June 24, 1695 – March 23, 1770)
Dutch-Swedish painter who painted members of the Royal Court of Austria.

“Maria Theresia and Family”


William Hogarth
(November 10, 1697 – October 26, 1764)
English painter, printmaker, pictorial satirist, social critic, and editorial cartoonist.


“Captain Woodes Rogers and his Family”

“Portrait of a Young Girl”


François Boucher
(September 29, 1703 – May 30, 1770)
French painter, draughtsman, and etcher, who worked in the Rococo style.

“Madame de Pompadour 1750”

“Madame de Pompadour”


Charles-André van Loo
 (February 15, 1705 – July 15, 1765)
French subject painter.

“Marie Leszczinska, Queen of France”


Alexandre Roslin
 (July 15, 1718 – July 5, 1793)
Swedish portrait painter who worked primarily for members of aristocratic families.

” The Comtesse d’Egmont Pignatelli in Spanish Costume.”   1763.


Jean-Baptiste Charpentier the Elder
French painter in the Rococo Style

“The Cup of Chocolate”


Jean-Honoré Fragonard
April 4, 1732 – 22 August 1806)
French painter and printmaker whose late Rococo manner was distinguished by remarkable facility, exuberance, and hedonism

“The Souvenir”


Josef Schmutzer

“Maria Elisabeth of Austria”


Jean-Frederic Schall

“A Woman Reading A Book”


Marguerite Gérard
(January 28, 1761 – May 18, 1837)
French painter and etcher.

“Prelude to a Concert”


Louis-Léopold Boilly
(July 5, 1761 – January 4, 1845).
French painter and draftsman.

“Game of Billiards”

“La Famille Gohin”

“Maximilien Robespierre”


Constant-Joseph Brochart
(April 7, 1816 – May 7, 1889)
French artist known for the charm and coloration that he brought to portraits of young women and children.

“A Family in Summer Villa”


Eugenio Lucas Velázquez
(February 9, 1817 – September 11, 1870)
Spanish painter in the Romantic style.

“Las Meninas”


Joseph Caraud
French (1821 – 1905)
French painter of genre scenes.

“Abbe Prevost Reading Manon Lescaut” 1856