Service Dog Online Resources

For those wishing to learn more about service dogs, to find out how to train their own dogs, or just know more about what service dogs do, the following URLS will help:
The Delta Society is the largest service and therapy dog information center in the USA, with articles and information on service dogs in abundance, as well as a list of training facilities.

Cindy Tittle-Moore’s Frequently Asked Questions page on assistance dogs of all kinds.
Fred Cisin’s website containing great hearing ear info, training articles, links.

Guide to Federal Disability Rights. This site contains comprehensive summary of following laws:Fair Housing Act, Air Carrier Access Act, Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Rehabilitation Act and Architectural Barriers Act.
Department of Justice site with list of Commonly Asked Questions by Businesses on service dog access. This is the handout to carry with you in case of access problems!

“Wolfpacks” website for assistance dog vests, capes, backpacks and equipment. Also great links.
Excellent website on assistance dog information, with great info on ADA, DOJ, FHA, and Air Carriers Act. Click on “No Dogs Allowed!”. A must-see site!

Email Lists

In addition, there are several email discussion lists for service dog users. Here are a few of them:

Service Dogs

A general list for service dog users around the world. Discussions on training, on access problems, laws and changes.
To subscribe, send an email to [email protected] Subject: (leave blank)
In body of message type: subscribe service-dogs


Owner-Trained service dogs, a low-volume discussion list for those training their own dogs by many different methods.
To Subscribe, send an email to [email protected] Subject: (leave blank)
In body of message type: subscribe HT-AideDogs [your name] write your first and last name, not your email address where it says [your name]. Do not leave in the []’s. A full name is required for subscription.

A discussion list for those training their own dogs with clicker training, and without the use of physical punishers.
To subscribe, go to and in the open field, type in OC-Assist-Dogs. You will be contacted for info before being subscribed.