How to Find a Responsible Papillon Breeder

Visit the PCA Breeders List. This directory contains PCA Members who have agreed to be listed on-line. In addition, PCA offers a service to locate our member breeders throughout the U.S. and Canada. For a listing of local breeders in your area contact the PCA Corresponding Secretary.

You can also contact the AKC’s breeder referral online.

Another way to find a breeder is to contact local all-breed dog clubs. A list of AKC clubs by state is available on the web.

None of these sources screen breeders prior to listing them, so please use care in selecting a responsible, knowledgeable breeder.

You should expect reputable breeders to provide the following:

* Written sales agreement with health guarantee (and spay/neuter agreement for pets)
* Care and feeding instructions
* 5-generation pedigree, vaccination/health records
* Lots of advice and support to the buyer for the lifetime of the dog

Feel free to ask breeders to provide references–and be prepared for them to ask the same of you. In fact, be glad when breeders insist on investigating you as though you were adopting a child! The ones that really care about the future of their puppies/dogs are the ones you will want to buy from.