Building a Papillon Bibliography

By Charlotte Clem McGowan

When you have been in a breed for many years, you gradually acquire a lot of books and publications about it. When you first start out and inquire about whether there are any books on a breed, there might be one or two in print and maybe something else available if you hunt for it. Some of us are determined to collect as much information on a breed as possible, and since most of us did not start in the beginning,, we have to figure out what books have been written and how to get copies of them. Here, then, for the newer person, is a not-complete listing of books on Papillons with a little commentary on them. Quite a number of books are out of print, but do not despair. Books become available through book dealers. You can check with book dealers who appear at dog shows and check the Internet. If friends go overseas, Crufts is loaded with book stands. It is also possible to contact older PCA members who might have kept an extra book or two. Hunting for books is great fun. Anyone who haunts used book stores will run into lots of dog books, and maybe even the ones you are looking for.

One note: the books on this list are non fiction breed books. Training books and fiction are not included.


THE PAPILLON ‘BUTTERFLY’ DOG, by Clarice Waud and Mark Hutchings, 1985, Nimrod Book Services, Hants, England. I believe this book is out of print. This is a beautiful, 300 page book, profusely illustrated, well written and authoritative. One appendix includes British champions from 1925-1983. Breed history is discussed as well as Papillons in Britain and many other countries. Many of the most important and influential dogs that have come into pedigrees are illustrated. This is probably the best book written on the breed and it is a must for any serious fancier. You will probably be happy to find it at $50 to $75.

THE PAPILLON, Peggy and Bob Russell Roberts, The Dog Lover’s Library, London, 1959. Very nice little book with some good photos of early influential dogs, a listing of artworks seen by the authors that include Papillons, and some well written and informative text. Out of Print, hard to find. Well worth having. Recent copies sell for $60, $75, $90 or above.

THE BUTTERFLY DOG (PAPILLON AND PHALENE), by Clarice Waud and Pat Dowle. Not dated. Green, soft cover, 47 pages. This small book comes available at used book stands at dog shows periodically and is worth having. It has a very useful breed standard analysis. Illustrations are limited but it is a nice beginning booklet. Out of print.

THE BUTTERFLY DOG (PAPILLON AND PHALENE), by Clarice Waud and Pat Challis, Nimrod Press, Hants, England, 1988. This paperback (blue cover) may still be available. It is an expanded edition of the green book with quite a few more illustrations. The book serves as a nice beginner book but is certainly worth having for the photos.

PAPILLONS AND OTHER FRIENDS, by Gwen Swann, private printing, 1992. This is a book of reminiscences by the author, a long time devotee of the breed. The book is profusely illustrated and includes photos of both ear varieties. Miss Swann was particularly interested in phalenes so there are quite a few pictured. May still be in print.

THE COMPLETE PAPILLON, by Carolyn and David Roe, Howell Book House, New York, 1992. The Roes, English Papillon breeders, have written a basic book with quite a few illustrations, many of dogs related to their stock. Some dogs from other countries are included as well. At the end of print run but can be found.

PAPILLON, by Runa Christensen, Denmark, 1976. Well, I don’t read Danish so I can’t tell you much about the text, but there are quite a few photos well worth having and a Bibliography that lists Papillon texts in several foreign languages. It was available in Denmark several years ago. Also includes photos of a number of artworks with Papillons.

PAPILLON OCH PHALENE, by Suzanne Tamm, Sweden, 1978. Again, I don’t read Swedish so no comment on the text. Quite a few art works are pictured and there is a list of museum locations with paintings that include Papillons. Good photos illustrate a number of important dogs found in many pedigrees. There are also 16 four generation pedigrees of important Swedish dogs.

HOW TO RAISE AND TRAIN A PAPILLON, by Mrs. D. Christian Gauss, THF, 1964. This early edition has photos of a number of important early dogs. There is also a little history. Later editions replaced the photos with unidentified dogs of more recent vintage turning later editions into strictly pet publications.

THE PAPILLON PRIMER, by Virgina Newton. This is a nice little volume for the beginning Papillon owner but I believe it is also out of print

ILLUSTRATED STANDARD – Drawings by Nancy Pinke . Available through the Papillon Club of America.


AKC CHAMPION PAPILLON PEDIGREES, VOLUMES I through V, compiled by E. E. Richards, with some commentary by Virginia Newton. These five volumes, privately printed contain four generation pedigrees of American Papillon Champions published in the AKC Gazette from the beginning through 1988. These pedigree books were initially sold by Mr. Richards advertised in Pap Talk. They are out of print and would probably be obtainable only from older members who might wish to part with them. Good luck finding these, but they are well worth finding if you can. Mr. Richards also published:

PEDIGREES OF ENGLISH CHAMPION PAPILLONS in two volumes; Vol. 1, 1925 to 1977 and Vol. 2, 1978 to 1985. Other books included PEDIGREES OF CKC Champion Papillons in two volumes; Vol. 1 through 1973 and Vol. 2 1974 to 1986.

AMERICAN CHAMPION PAPILLON PEDIGREES, compiled by Marie Vihonsky. To date, Marie has updated E. E. Richards work with Vols. 6 through 14. A master index for E. E. Richards’ volumes through to 1991 of Marie’s volumes is also available from Marie. These pedigree books contain four generation pedigrees with color of dog, breeder, owner, date of birth where available. Luckily, these are available, privately printed from Marie Vihonsky, 28370 Acacia, Livonia, MI 48154. Email address is [email protected]

THE BOOK OF CHAMPIONS, 1999. This pedigree book from England is available from Carolyn Roe, Tiptree House, Fulnetby, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN3 5NL, England. Phone from U.S. is 011-44-1673 858697. The format includes photos and three generation pedigrees of dogs.


THE PAPILLON (BUTTERFLY DOG) CLUB HANDBOOKS. These Handbooks, published in England, have a few articles and many advertisements which contain a great many photographs. Breeders from the UK, Scandinavian, the U.S., Australian and other areas have advertised over the years. I am not sure what constitutes a complete set. Handbooks are printed for the following years: 1960, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1976, 1979, 1983, 1986, 1990, 1993, 1995, 1998. There may be others and I would be happy to hear from anyone who knows of other years (especially anyone with copies!)

PAPILLON CANADA. Two handbooks have been published, the first in 1992.

PAPILLON CLUB OF AMERICA. Handbooks have been published in 1963, 1974, 1985, 1990, and 1995. I believe there may be several early editions. Pictorial Reviews were also published in 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, and 1983. Again, there may be others. The 1990 and 1995 Handbooks are available from Sandy Schumacher, 3417 -13th Ave. So., Great Falls, MT 59405. Older Handbooks appear periodically at PCA auctions and may be available from older breeders no longer active. Reflections is the newest PCA publication and it consists of a few articles and a great many ads featuring member owned Papillons. Well worth having. Volumes so far are 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.

PAPILLON CLUB OF NEW SOUTH WALES. Handbooks in 1992, 1996. Not sure if there are others.


PAPILLONRINGEN OCH PHALENESALLSKAPET. I have a 1981 handbook. There are probably others.

PAPILLON ANNUAL, published by Hoflin. This magazine format book was first published in 1993. The first year was pretty well supported but subsequent years have not been as well supported. At $40 per volume, Go for 1993.

MILLENIUM BOOK OF THE PAPILLON, 2000. England, Privately printed. I believe this is out of print. It is a large volume with all ads in color and a number of articles.

Also available are club newsletters from the various breed clubs. Clubs in the US (Pap Talk), Canada (All Ears), the UK, The Netherlands, Finland, and other places have breed clubs with newsletters that sometimes have articles or photos. Don’t forget Specialty catalogs. If you can’t make the National, order a catalog in advance.


BORN TO WIN, by Patricia Craige. Doral Publishing, 8560 Salish Lane #300, Wilsonville, OR 97070-9612, 1997. This is a super book for any person interested in breeding and exhibiting top class show dogs. It is well written, easy to understand, and full of good advice about how to go about establishing a strain, raising the puppies, training and conditioning them and presenting them at their best.

A STUDY OF THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER, Travis House, Box 414, Flat Rock, MI 48134, 1982. Privately printed soft cover. Although this study is of the Golden Retriever, it has some of the best anatomical dog drawings, the text is easy to understand and the drawings are wonderful to show basic structure and conformation points. I used to use this as a text when I taught animal science at a local college. I can’t say enough good things about this little jewel.

THE NEW DOGSTEPS, by Rachel Page Elliott, Howell Book House, 1983. Here is a clear, well illustrated book to teach you about the dog’s structure and about the proper gait. This edition includes drawings that relate Mrs. Elliott’s outstanding work with cineradiography (x-ray in motion) done at Harvard University’s Museum of Comparative Zoology. This is a text easy to understand, and it’s a “must have.”

K-9 STRUCTURE AND TERMINOLOGY, by Edward M. Gilbert, Jr. and Thelma R. Brown, Howell Book House 1995. This updating of Curtis Brown’s original work explores differences in canine, and wild dog structure and discusses musculature, gait and function in an easy to read style. Well illustrated.

CANINE TERMINOLOGY, by Harold Spira, Howell Book House, 1982. This may be out of print but can probably be found in Internet book searches or from book dealers at dog shows. This is a great little alphabetized encyclopedia (with drawn illustrations) of all the various terminology dog people use. If you read our standard or any other and do not understand the terms, here is the key.

PRACTICAL GENETICS FOR DOG BREEDERS, by Malcolm B. Willis, Howell Book House, 1992. This is one of several useful books on breeding theory. Another is Whitney’s HOW TO BREED DOGS. This one was borrowed from me and never returned and I believe it may be out of print, but you can probably find it at the book stands at dog shows or through an Internet book search.

While this is not a complete list of useful books, it’s a start. You will find many others that will enhance your dog knowledge. Happy collecting!

Copyright 2003, Charlotte Clem McGowan
Permission was granted by Charlotte Clem McGowan to place this article on the PCA Website.