Review of Dr. Robert Van Hutchison, DVM Seminar

Held May 4th, 2005 at the Papillon Club of America National Specialty
By Connie Wardell, PCA Member Education Chair 2005-2006

If you were able to attend you can attest to the awesome educational experience of learning all the valuable reproductive information Dr Robert Van Hutchison, DVM shared with us in his Canine Reproduction and Infertility Seminar set up for us by Dr Stanley Sohn, DVM our then Member Education Chairperson.

Dr Hutchison is a handsome, athletic-looking, middle-aged gentleman who kept us laughing with his great sense of humor, as we were intensely soaking up all useful information he presented to us. Dr Hutchison received his DVM in 1972 from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He is currently co-director of the Animal Clinic Northview, Inc., a 10-doctor practice located in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Dr. Hutchison is internationally recognized for work with canine frozen semen and canine reproduction. He is an off-quarter advisor at six veterinary colleges for students interested in small animal theriogenology. Dr. Hutchison has authorized numerous articles on canine reproduction in various breed journals and magazines, has appeared on television, and has lectured internationally on reproduction, whelping, pediatrics, and canine/feline infertility.

The seminar was an all-day one, and the bargain of the century at just a $40. donation to Papillon Club of America. Normally, attendance at one of Dr. Hutchison’s seminars will cost around $100.-$150. Although even at the full-cost price, it’s a seminar I would most highly recommend for any serious breeder.

The seminar lasted all day, and my only regret was that we couldn’t have Dr. Hutchison for a second day as the attendee’s were full of good questions and Dr. Hutchison indulged us with freely taking questions and then answers and pursuing discussions. Of course, we managed to cause him to get behind in the normal agenda he had prepared to present to us.

Even if you don’t utilize artificial insemination methods in your breeding program, Dr Hutchison covered so many other important areas in breeding as well, including: causes of infertility, physiology of the male (which included discussion on undesended testicles, prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, semen collection, sperm motility, etc.), physiology of the bitch (normal and abnormal cycles, breeding timing, hormones, pyometritis, etc. etc.), insemination techniques, sperm collection, estrus postponement, estrus induction, c-section, pregnancy diagnosis, neonatal fatality, stages of labor, etc. etc. etc..

I asked Dr. Hutchison if he had printed a book yet which covers all this valuable information since it would help with my slow note-taking and be an invaluable addition to my dog library. Unfortunately none yet exists, but he did distribute a really great 68 page pamphlet book published by Iams Company with articles by noted experts including Dr. Hutchison, Pat Hastings, Carmen Battaglia and many others and includes such topics as breeding process, managing the brood bitch, care of the neonate, puppyhood, vaccination protocols, nutrition, early neonatal stimulation, etc.

I contacted the Iams Company to find out if copies of this booklet could be ordered but unfortunately they told me it was currently out of print. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these booklets it would be a very valuable addition to your dog reference library.


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